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once upon a stormy afternoon

As a preface, if you will, my first thoughts where; “why am I actually writing this blog?” It seems I’ve found myself in a situation where I potentially don’t trust my memory anymore; or this process of self-reflection and critical thinking, has become a rich part of my professional and personal development methodology.

With that in mind, I spent a few moments figuratively scribbling down my thoughts and contemplating a recent ‘dicey’ situation; I wanted to reflect on how the situation was handled – was there anything to be learned?

Wednesday October 28, 2020 – Day 2 of a motorcycle ride in South east Queensland. After a soaking final 5 kilometre finish to the first, Day 2 was looking great for a nearly 400 kilometre, casual ride – Caloundra to the Bunya Mountains, passing through some scenic Queensland country towns. (Kilkivan, Goomeri, Murgon, Wondai …) With 85KM to the destination, there was a pause at Wooroolin to don our wet-weather gear, as it appeared there were dark clouds ahead. Upon rolling off, there was a little light rain for the next 20KM to Kingaroy, but very manageable. “Oh look! Lightning in the distance! Those forecast storms for 1pm are looking to be right on time.”

Kingaroy to next/last fuel stop at Kumbia30 kilometres

Continuing to follow our Road Captain’s map on the GPS; rolling through Kingaroy with no rain – clear road and clear skies ahead – storm appears far off in distance.
…wrong! It was moving fast and the rain started quickly – over the next few minutes rain increased to small hail, lightning strikes on both sides of the road, reduced speed to 30km/h in an attempt to find a line in the water, huge wind gusts and generally bad riding conditions. Should we simply stop, seek shelter and wait it out? Turn around and go back? (pull over under trees or in open fields with lightning? no shelter to see! U-turning was not a good option.)
As we and the storm part ways, shelter arrives at Kumbia fuel stop.
Well, that was exhilarating. The last 35 kilometres to our destination were a little wet under-tyre, but beautiful riding!

Chef – Pink Ladies VP

During my professional career, I’ve learned to trouble-shoot situations quickly… “we’re onair – get it done!” Problem appears – think of potential solutions & risks – react.

Being comfortable with a hasty, but experienced decision is the key. Hindsight, or later me, can reflect and work out if it were really the best decision.

The key words from this situation – conviction to the decision.

a revised look

For an audio guy, I hang out with some very talented visual specialists. Recently, I asked Anna to photograph our team… (including herself).
I am over the moon with the images of my whole crew
…and am stoked with my new look too.

huge respect to these amazing visual storytellers in my life… thank you for letting me see what you see 🙂 Anna SingletonCindy LaineHakan Nedjat


When my NZ journey started, one of the first web pages I bookmarked was WHITILIVE – a live stream camera positioned overlooking Mercury Bay.  This site is extremely valuable as a source to feel ‘at home & local’…when I’m unable to stick my head out the window.  A massive thanks to owner of whitilive and fellow CFM staffer – Sam Howell, for keeping this site up and live.  Feel free to stop by anytime to check the amazing view.

why not
tune into CFM while you watch 🙂

…makes you think

For whatever reason, this article grabbed my attention and made me think. The beautifully academic and verbose language of the article surprisingly delivered a powerful message. A few days later, Ayana posted a Listener comment to CFM’s blog page…which made me want to share both.

Despite strong instincts to preserve the past, historian Dr Felicity Barnes explains why she won’t be sad to see monuments to our colonial legacy removed 

Dr Felicity Barnes is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Auckland
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I decided to give the low light ability of the iPhone 11Pro a trial run. ~wedged in the sand – a 30sec shot of the full moon rise over Mercury Bay

the 309 road

The photo is a bit of a private joke; mainly within my own head… but that’s why it holds such a special place in my NZ story.

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the branding

I don’t really understand this one; but the branding started in a simple email like this…

Hey Ed,
The story is, I’ve been doing some work remotely, into a place in New Zealand called Whitianga.
Te Whitianga o Kupe – meaning Kupe’s crossing place… Kupe being a great Polynesian navigator… i was thinking ocean-fish-canoe …all having Polynesian and Māori symbols…see what you can come up with.

’twas a typically bleak Melbourne morning when I received an interpretation of a place I had never been to… carved upon my skin by a Polynesian artist I truely respect.

May 9, 2019