This topic has been rattling around in my head for weeks, then I received an email from a new friend, which simply pushed me to write.

While contemplating words on a page, this just comes on the radio…
“..clap along if you feel happiness is the truth…”

Bingo, there’s the crux of what I’m feeling.
Music brings a happiness and healing … it makes me move.

My entire life, I’ve been surrounded by music… my earliest memories, all seem to have some connection to music. Mum played piano a lot, she’d take me to choir practices and all sorts of musical performances. It became engrained in my DNA.
I was encouraged to learn instruments and use my voice…but I found my place was behind the scenes, on the sound mixing console or playing the records.

I was barely a teenager when I was introduced to a mixing console for a band at church, then my first job was a skating rink DJ …apparently that’s where I first met my wife too. I met her again while MC’ing an Eisteddfod for mum. Music became even more encompassing, dating and then marrying a classical pianist 🙂

It’s interesting though, lyrics have never been my thing. It’s the music that impacts me. Some of my friends can recite song lyrics ad nauseam, and yet I so rarely ever take any notice of lyrics. Even when I do notice lyrics, it’s more about the melody for me.

 It’s inspiration and a healing balm in equal measure…


I seem to struggle with silence. For me personally, there is no healing in silence. In reflection, my toughest years, have had a lack of music. When I moved away from fulltime broadcasting in the early 2000’s, my day-to-day was still in recording studios, but with a lack of music. Much more centred around spoken word. It wasn’t until recently that I realised those years had a lack of music. A lack of being constantly surrounded by music in the halls… these were the years, I was looking for something more. I found myself mixing for bands at cafes, I found myself helping my wife with her career growth. Anything to get music back in my life.

Even when I decided to do something about my health and wellbeing, my trainer (also a muso) identified very quickly how much music impacts me physically. This has now become a constant in my fitness – without the right music my workouts are half-assed, without music I lack the motivation to do much at all.

It’s one of the greatest things I appreciate, now I’m moving back to full time broadcasting, constantly being surrounded by music. My excuse is that I need to hear the radio station is “OnAir” … there is always radio/music playing – 24/7. Silence is the enemy.

I’m going to close with the words from Lana again, as it simply resonates.

 It’s inspiration and a healing balm in equal measure

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