the 309 road

The photo is a bit of a private joke; mainly within my own head… but that’s why it holds such a special place in my NZ story.

Using the map above, zoom in and have a play, you’ll see The 309 Road winds its way from one side of the Coromandel Peninsula at Preece Point, to the east at Kaimarama. It’s a narrow mostly unpaved winding road, that on occasion due to weather conditions or affects, becomes the main route across the peninsula. Along this road are a number of notable landmarks and characters, a lot of unseen treasures and hazards… and some pigs too. It can be a very dangerous road, if you don’t give it respect. A young man recently lost his life in a tragic accident. *(update June 2020)*
As I have eluded previously, the 309 certainly has a character and attitude.

I’m not going to explain the whole story of my connection to the 309, but suffice to say, it’s a fun narrative that I like to perpetuate. As I mentioned earlier, allegedly the 309 road has a number of reclusive characters. Think about that subtext as you read my profile. 

The 309 Road; yet another thing to discover about the Coromandel!’s something fun from Coromandel Time, about the Waiau Kauri Grove.

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