as a voice artist, I rarely hear my final product … I often voice for interstate, overseas or online clients (behind firewalls). this means, I put a lot of trust in the producers who are editing and creating sound design including my voice, be that for e-learning material, Television or radio commercials, corporate training or professional development material.

this post is a salute or fist-bump, in respect to the Producers who edit and manipulate my voice for the project they’re working on, and strive to make me sound ‘good’!

from memory, october 2020 i assisted in writing a commercial for The Lawnmowers Son, an art space in Hahei New Zealand. the original commercial turned into several variations, below is version 3, a combination of several in the series.  

a huge thanks to talented young producer, Sam Howell, who makes me sound much better than I should.  much trust…& much respect!

(as a writer, it’s awesome to hear your vision come to life too – thanks Sam!)

the Lawmowers Son art space, is just a few hundred metres from the amazing Hahei beach 🙂


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  • Shelley Kinash

    Thank you for this compelling post. One seldom pauses to think about the person behind the voice of a multimedia production. Now you have me thinking about the audio novels I have been listening to. At the end of the story, there is almost always acknowledgements from the novel’s author, which usually includes some auto-biographical information. But what about the person behind the voice? This can make or break the experience. Twice this week alone I stopped listening to novels because I found the voice unpleasant or disruptive (taking me out of the story). In most cases, it is the emotion in the voice which paints the picture and makes me laugh or cry. Thank you for being an incredible Voice Jason.

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