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Skimming through my usual weekly radio news sites, I stumbled upon an article from someone I have heard of, as yet have not met, but look forward meeting. Noting my previous post – hyperlocal, you’ll understand.
The article: Tips on runnning a standalone station: Glenn Smith 1XX New Zealand ©

With fervour and excitement, I read Glenn’s tips on running a radio station; the article just simply rang true for me, making it easy to connect the dots in my own context.

I encourage reading the Radioinfo article in full… but in the meantime, I’d like to share Glenn Smith’s fifteen tips on running a standalone/independent radio station:

  1. Have a mentor – I have two things in common with Glenn on this specific point –  I too have a fantastic radio business mentor in John Grant. I too, know radio, but not business the way John does.
  2. Value of industry/trade organisations
    This is awesome advice, and I’ll certainly be investigating this more.
  3. Relationships
  4. Take risks
  5. Inclusiveness
  6. Truth and Trust
  7. Invest in the brand
  8. Protect the brand
  9. HiringHire the smartest, best people you can afford. And if they are smarter than you, even better. I love this phrase – perfectly encapsulates my exact hiring philosophy.
  10. Planning – Planning is important, but constantly re-evaluate and redraw your plans.
  11. Share information
  12. Encourage participation
  13. Creativity – The more creativity, the better the product.
  14. Humility
  15. Develop local talent – I have seen this work so well in my past radio experience, my current radio context, and also in my University context, I have been a hefty advocate for students as partners within my team to promote graduate employability. (Currently two students employed, as part of the team of industry professionals.)

Here’s the full article link again; Tips on runnning a standalone station: Glenn Smith 1XX New Zealand ©

Glenn, I look forward to talking through this with you personally one day soon. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Kieron Atkinson

    Love this. I’ve been doing some but not all of these. Most notably No.4 and 5, 8 9 and 10, 13,14 and 15. I believe that I have a No.1 (mentor)… he’s definitely someone I look up to, and who guides me from time to time, so I guess that fits.

  • admin

    It’s a great list, right Kieron?! I really enjoyed reflecting on how many of the tips I currently do, and the ones that I should be doing.

    I can totally agree with your notable list 🙂 It’s a fun journey, mate.

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