Recently, a client returned a piece of equipment that had been out on loan; for digitising cassettes. So, while it was on my desk; I decided to finally digitise my very first Audition tape (which I scored a job with in December 1987, in Emerald, Queensland Australia).

The Radio School 1987

This audition tape was prepared at the end of the 16 week Radio School course I participated in, early 1987. Ironically, days after digitising the cassette, a post popped up with sad news – “Vale Lee Sims“. Lee was the owner operator and instructor of The Radio School. A passionate radio broadcaster, who instilled passion into his students.  So much so, ‘a passion for the medium’ was my number one selection criteria, when I was employing.

I’m not going to share the whole audition tape in this post, I have other plans for that in another post. The excerpt I would like to share, is the “recorded commercial voiceover” portion of the cassette. This effectively is my very first Voiceover. 

May I present, my career starting point…as a 17 year old.

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  • Shelley Kinash

    Loved hearing the 17 year-old version of You! You had it then. You have it now. I know it’s cliche, but what you tell 17 yr-old you from the vantage point of now?

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