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Reflection on one’s style and technique is an imperative skill for a voice actor – to improve or progress you need to be able to critically listen to your work and offer yourself feedback. I find it fascinating how my own style has changed over the years, from that very forced ‘radio announcer’, to a casual more realistic human sound. Today I was writing and listening to the radio; and a couple of my own voiceovers jumped out at me.
I have read commercials for both of these clients, a number of times; I wonder if my read style has been influenced by a personal connection to the clients – both of whom I’ve enjoyed many glasses of wine with.

A shoutout to the producer, who is often producing my commercial voiceovers, Casey Toa. Thanks for your awesome work, Casey.

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  • Shelley Kinash

    It seems to me that Subscribable Blogs are at the happy medium, on the continuum between the push of radio and the pull of YouTube. What’s next? How do each change the tone and style?

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