it’s about local

During the Covid-19 lockdown April 2020, I was asked to work on a series of radio promotional spots, pushing local. There were a number of scripts in the series, some got to air, some didn’t. As this particular script came together, I could really hear in my head how I wanted it to sound more than the others – and was glad when the client let me be the voice actor.

We might be the new radio station on the Coromandel… 
but we are PROUDLY LOCAL!
CFM, IS locally owned and operated… 
When lockdown changed our lives…
bringing you the local stories, breaking news 
and information from across the Coromandel & Hauraki plains…
is just what we do!
Join with us in supporting our local community, 
spend local…support local…now and post-lockdown.
We are the Coromandel’s CFM


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